Your Customers want to edit Content themselves?

Seobar is the simplest way to implement text-editing for your own web app. No matter what technology you love to use. Get started within minutes!

Sounds good so far?

We’re working hard on Seobar at the moment. Just leave your email address and we’ll inform you as soon as we’re ready to launch. Don’t worry - we’ll never share your info with anyone else.

It’s easy to use

Login into and open your own Web-App. Now you’ll find the Seobar on the top of your website. You want to edit some content? Just click on it and let the magic happen. Neither a fancy CMS nor a huge tech stack is necessary. Just use your own website! It’s that simple.

SEO at its best

Seobar offers you a lot of helpers to get your content optimized perfectly. For example: An indicator shows you how google-tasty your text will be.

For whom?

Developers: To integrate WordPress with your awesome testdriven and well-built software is a pain, right? So just start using Seobar for your customers and don’t waste time to integrate third-party software. No more headaches, promised. SEO-Agents: You want to optimize one of your customer’s website but don’t know much about web development?
Go for it! Integrate Seobar in minutes. You don’t need any further tech knowhow. Startups: Just found out what you have to optimize to beam your page up to the top lists at Google? Don’t want to wait until your dev shop has time to implement your ideas? Start using Seobar to get the stuff done by yourself and don’t lose any more time.

It’s easy to implement

<p data-seobar="intro"> One attribute in your markup … </p> one plugin for your platform of choice and you're good to go.

Works on any platform, for example: